Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New Yahoo Group

The Romania country desk informed me that they will not be circulating a contact list for members of Group 23. They usually do, but decided not to this time (perhaps because they're still accepting invitations and haven't compiled a complete list yet). So, since members of group 23 will not be able to contact each other via email, I started a Yahoo Group as an alternative for keeping in touch. Unfortunately, I have no way of notifying everyone in Group 23 of the Yahoo page, but hoepfully those searching for a way to connect will stumble upon it.

For those of you in Group 23 reading here, you can find the group at

Those of you reading who are currently serving (or have served) in Romania are also welcome to join (your wisdom is always appreciated).

I'm quite surprised how this blog, even only after three weeks on the net, has been a place for people to come together. I've already been contacted by two PCVs in Romania and three people in Group 23. Pretty cool. I hope the Yahoo Group will serve as a way for us to network even further.


Jack Nork said...

good idea Mike!
I really cant believe the lack of communication from the Peace Corps.
I mean come on really, your leaving in like 5 weeks right????

Marisol said...

Good words.