Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Eu sunt la scoala

That's today's lesson in Romanian, and it means, "I'm at school" (I think). Anyway, I am at school right now. We've been in Ploiesti for about 5 days. I've moved in with my gazda, and they are amazing people. On my host-family questionairre I requested people who had a sense of humor, and my request was definitely honored. Ville and Florina are, as they might say, "jocksters." They have an apartment with one bedroom (which they gave to me--such hospitality!).

Yesterday was my birthday, and I went out with a couple trainees that live near me. We went to a beer garden called Harry's (apparently a popular Peace Corps hang-out). Its kind of like an outdoor bar covered by a canopy. It had a cool European atmosphere about it.

Florina also made me a banana cake with egg-white frosting. The food has been very good so far, and they haven't tried to stuff me to death (as I had originally anticipated).

I've been going to school everyday from 8:30 to 5:00pm. We spend half the day learning Romanian and the other half learning technical things concerning service. The language doesn't seem too bad so far, but we've only had three days of classes. The school has a PCV lounge, were we eat lunch. The room also has three computers with the internet (which I'm using now).

My lunch break is literally over right now, so I have to go to class.

I'll work on taking pictures, but I haven't really had much time...

La revedere!!!


Rachel said...

Wow, that's so close to ei sunt in schola ("they are in school", in Latin) it's uncanny... just thought I'd point that out.

Nice to hear you had a happy ziua de na┼čtere, and it sounds like you ended up with a pretty ideal host family, sweet deal. (You do realize that raises everyone's expectations of you entertaining us with funny Romanian jokes, right?) Take care, and good luck studying.


Mike Nork said...

the third person plural would be "ei sunt la scoala"

Anonymous said...

hi mike! glad to hear things are going well across the sea... and european continent... why doesn't it surprise me you requested a host family with a sense of humor? :) A belated happy birthday to you, and i have something to send you, so let me know when you have an address of your own (or if you think a small package would be ok, you can e-mail me the peace corps address). I figured this website was the best way to get in touch with you while you're on your adventure, and I guess I'm feeling a little guilty for not getting to say good-bye before you left. I already miss our random conversations over aim, but it sounds like you have really found something that makes you happy. Quick update on me: I finally joined the church! It took me a whole year off of school to drive the two blocks and meet with someone, but I officially belong to St. Mary's Parish in Norwalk, CT, and i start CCD in the fall. Ok, your current adventure is a bit more exciting, lol, and i'll let you get back to it instead of reading long posts from me.
*insert good-bye in romanian here*