Friday, May 11, 2007

Sending Mail

during the 10-week training period you can send mail to me at the Peace Corps headquarters in Romania. Although, they advise not to send packages, since the mailbox is in the capital and I'd have to go there to pick it up (a virtual impossibility during training). However, letters and the like will be forwarded to me. I realize letters are sort of a lost art, but perhaps take this as an opportunity to hone your letter-writing skills. Besides, it'd be nice to occasionally geta real, tangible note or picture, instead of an electronic message.

***Update: For security reasons, I'm not allowed to disclose sensitive information, such as addresses. If you'd like to send me mail, email me for the address.

Once I am sworn in as a volunteer, I'll be assigned a new site and I'll get my own mailing address. Until that point, you can use this address.

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