Monday, July 30, 2007

At Site

Well, here I am in Lugoj. Swear-in was on last Friday. So, training is now over and I'm officially a Peace Corps volunteer. I'm just settling in at this point (I arrived last night). I'm actually leaving again on Thursday for a camp in the Mountains.

More to come...


Jack Nork said...

Do you have internet access there???

Laurie Cella said...

Hi Mike! Congrats on your placement! It sounds like you are really settling in and having a great experience. Keep up with the pictures and stories! Laurie

Rich said...

From the pix on your blog to the way you describe it, sounds like you're having a great experience. I hope everything is going well. Great blog!


Gary said...

Hey Mike,

Hope things are going well and you are getting settled. What is your new mailing address?

Mike Nork said...

Hi Gary, I don't have a mailing address yet (haven't found an apartment). Will let you know when I do.