Friday, July 11, 2008

The World Keeps on Spinning

...And so do the potter's wheels at Clubul Copiilor in Lugoj.

A group of Danes arrived this Monday for a ceramics camp, which is being hosted by Clubul Copiilor (The Kid's Club). One of the Danes is Ole, a fellow I've mentioned before. He's had connections in Lugoj for years, mainly through the orphanages. For the past few years he's been organizing this ceramics camp in conjunction with Clubul Copiilor, and this year I'm participating, since I'm here.

Activities last until next Friday. We have two potter's wheels, two kilns, a variety of clays and about 20 kids. I've already made a clay whistle, a candle-holder and three bowls. Next week we'll experiment with a special method known as Raku (we had to build a third, wood-burning kiln just for the Raku pieces). Its been fun so far. I'll have to post pictures of the things I've made when they're finished.

In other news, I just got word that some of my family is coming to visit! My mother, brother and nephew will be visiting August 16th-23rd. I'm really glad they're taking the opportunity to come while I'm here. I think it's important they see a little of what life is like here so that they can better understand my experience. I've often thought that I haven't seen my family or friends in over a year now. It would be a shame if we were out of touch for two years; so much can change in that time. Of course we think of each other, and we talk on the phone or AIM, but I feel like we still don't really know what's happening in each other's lives. In a way, their lives are going on as usual, but my lifestyle and experiences have changed quite a bit. I think I have some idea of what they're going through on a daily basis. Their lives probably aren't terribly different from what I remember. At least I can draw from my memories to imagine what's happening back home, but the folks on the home-front don't have any mental conceptualization of my life as it is now. I mean, how can they without actually seeing it? That's why I'm happy they're coming. If they didn't, I'd return home and the disconnect would be all too apparent--they'd have Mike back, but they'd also notice a blind-spot the size of two years. What exactly happened during his time in Romania? What exactly did he do? Where did he live? What sorts of people did he meet? Did he take his vitamins? (or at least that's how I envision it).


Lola said...

Fantastic photo, Mike :)
I've always been fascinated by a potter's wheel, I remember writing an essay about it back in school . Got praises for it :D

And a big YAY! for Mike's mom, brother and nephew. I wish them a great time!
Long trip for a short week - it must be love :)

Jack Nork said...

I Mike, we're really excited to come out. You've been doing a great job of keeping us up-to-date with your blog, photos, IM chats and Skype calls, but it will be fantastic to visit and experience a new culture first hand. I'm so glad Evan can share this experience too! PLUS - he's a big history buff like his uncle, so he will love to see so many old towns and buildings etc!

Anonymous said...

dude, make a clay pipe.


Anonymous said...

It's true about that big whole. Thats what I'm experiencing now, I feel the whole will close though when you are home again. It will be great to be able to share and see first hand how you are getting along with your day to day life there in Lugoj.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

mike i miss you!