Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I just found out about the recent death of Iosif Constantin Dragan--Romania's wealthiest man. He was born in Lugoj, and studied in Bucharest. He moved to Italy after the Communists rose to power. Not only was he a businessman, but he also wrote some controversial historical works. His legacy includes a University in Lugoj, several newspapers and the gas distribution company Butan Gas.

I happened to stumble upon his obituary, "
Romanian Billionaire Buried in Transylvania," while reading through google news articles about Romania. (despite what the article indicates, Lugoj is not technically in Transylvania, nor is it even remotely close to central Romania).


Anonymous said...

The announcement of his death also made the American paper. The artical made it sound like he was in favor of Nicolae Ceausescu. Not a popular oppinion in Romania. It would be interesting to know if his death got any mention in the local paper there in Lugoj.

Anonymous said...

mike i had a dream last night wherein you came home early and showed up (surprise!) at a party i was at. i was very excited to see you.

hope all is well.