Saturday, November 8, 2008

1989 (part 2)

In February I did a post about the Romanian Revolution in 1989. I thought this video would be an appropriate follow-up for those who are interesetd. It's a 36-minute clip taken from a 1990 episode of the Irish news program Today Tonight. Filmed right after the Revolution, it gives a brief overview of the events of the Revolution and offers an interesting perspective on the immediate aftermath.

This clip is relatively long, so it may require some time to load. Also, it flickers a bit for the first minute or so, but things smooth out eventually.

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hjoyferg said...

So... in talking to Justin's counterpart, we were informed that the pictures of the naked & very mutilated bodies of "securitate victims" was a ploy. Dubious as we were, she explained to us that the videos and pictures were propaganda from the pro-revolution people to prove even further how horrible the Ceaucescu government had been. However, the bodies were, in fact, cadavers taken from a local hospital and mutilated, then buried.

I'm not sure how much credence I give to either part of that - as I'm sure there were plenty of atrocities matched together with a large amount of hyped media after-coverage. BUT...that's the story we got. Ce interesant.